Caer Euni

    “What I wanted to show you,” continued Marek, “is down there, a quarter of a mile before we get to that little lake, Llyn Caer Euni. The hill fort is known well enough around here and appears on Ordnance Survey maps, but what I found down there seems to be unknown, though in plain sight.”
    Marek led them through a gap in the ramparts and down a gentle slope. Here large boulders were arranged in a line stretching to the south. “I think these rocks must have once been the foundation of a big, big wall. What for I don’t know, as a boundary wall doesn’t need big foundations like that.”
    The ground began to slope gently upwards again, and Ruth exclaimed, “Look, a stone circle. Is this what you wanted to show us Marek?”
    “Yes, and I’ve never met anybody who knows of it! See, It’s a double ring of stones – quite unusual.”
    The stones were mostly about a foot or two across and less than that high. The outer ring was about fifteen feet across and the inner ring ten feet, allowing a ‘walkway’ several feet wide between them. As they approached they walked in silence, as if a different mood had come upon them unbidden. Marek was the first to step over the outer ring, and Ruth and Richard followed.
    “I’m getting the strangest of feelings,” Richard noted, “it’s as if…..” but his words drifted away, sentence unfinished.
    Breaking the silence Marek said, “Remember Cobham’s Rough?” He was addressing Oz in particular, who had remained outside the circle, “what’s wrong? What’s holding you back?”
    Always the sceptic, Oz, having noted the changed expressions on the others’ faces was at first reluctant to join them. Feeling embarrassed at his timidity, he tentatively stepped over the outer perimeter. Angharad on the other hand was feeling adventurous and using a fallen rock as a stepping-stone, jumped into the centre of the rings. Richard began to walk around, between the two rings, and Ruth followed. Completing most of a revolution they quickly caught up with Oz and Marek, who were obliged to move around the ring themselves, so all four were walking around the circle together, with Angharad in the centre, and together they all began to feel a thrumming in the air and began to experience some light-headedness. Before they could think or act the spinning in their heads became corporeal. They felt that their bodies were spinning; fading into the unknown, totally out of control. Angharad remained in the centre, shaking, astonished and devastated by what she was witnessing. All four fisappeared!