The Battle

    Still out of arrow range, the waiting artillery fired their guns. When the thunderous noise and smoke cleared it could be seen that the leading wave had been bowled over like nine-pins. The twenty five soldiers who had fired knelt down to reload and the second line behind them fired their weapons in turn at the still advancing Briganti. These too were stopped in their tracks. Before more Briganti could exit the valley another volley was fired, this time by artillerymen that had been concealed on the slopes at either side of the valley. The result was a pile of bodies that made it very difficult for any kind of regrouping. Recovering from the shock Domhnall sent soldiers up the valley sides to attack the Chinese on the slopes, but they too had formed two rows and whilst those who had fired the first volley knelt down the second row fired their weapons.

Less than a hundred of the attackers had been shot, but such was the surprise of seeing their compatriots killed from a distance by weapons never seen before that the Briganti panicked and tried to push past the soldiers still processing down the valley. It was chaos. The Chinese advanced towards the valley entrance and fired again, as did those to the sides. This time they were joined by Ell bowmen, and one of their arrows struck Domhnall himself, and he fell, mortally wounded.