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Tsubasa, by Jean-Piere Milly


Tsubasa and the seven balls of crystal    

A friend of ours about to be transferred to Boston, asked us to adopt her gentle, small calico, baptized Tsubasa by the owner’s daughter.
Already the proud but sometimes reluctant slaves of two other cats, Starlet and Chaos, we hesitated, but being the feline lovers that we are, agreed to add her to the family.
As it was a new environment for her, we made her a cozy spot in the downstairs bathroom where she could feel safe... Chaos, aptly named, went to investigate the newcomer… All quiet for ten minutes... Yours truly sitting on the sofa and watching the evening news…
Suddenly, the world as I knew it came crashing down. All I remembered was a bolt of lightning faintly resembling a furry comet, darting out of the bathroom, directly under my legs, bouncing off the wall with a loud thud, propelling the lamp and knocking the shade down, papers littering the floor and the remote control was nowhere to be found.. In the act of bouncing and probably getting brain damage, the bolt of lightning proceeded north-east at an even greater velocity, between the dining room chairs and two armchairs, singeing them with the friction generated by high velocity air displacement. She stopped momentarily as she hit the book case somewhere between a dictionary and “deep ancestry”. Not to be easily discouraged, Tsubasa noticed the stairs and, in a hot ball of smoke and fur she reached mach speed by the first floor, where she disappeared for nearly two days.
For those of us that love the adventures of Tintin, it immediately reminded me of the “ seven balls of crystal” where a thunder bolt came down the chimney, knocked everything down in the library, including Professor Tournesol, finally to crash in front of an archeologist responsible for disturbing the tomb of Rascar Capac.

Tsubasa is alive and well now, the boss of the pack… The  other two cats have never recovered and I still get PTSD from that incident… Beware of unassuming small felines…..