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Zebedee A Turkish Van X, he loves his people's clothes. There's nothing better to lie on than sweaty tennis clothes!
She is a British Blue X, who hates people, except her own 'mum and dad'. She has grown to love her brother Zebedee too.
Dylan Dylan was a Burmilla who insisted upon living with us rather than his own people two doors away. He was a roamer who all the neighbours knew, and eventually he strayed too far and was run over.
Rust Rust, a European Shorthair, just turned up out of the blue. He was emaciated and ill and begged us to give him a home, and thus he had a happy last five years.
Lucy Lucy, of indeterminate breed, lived with four different members of the family in various locations. She was a perfect traveller, and enjoyed sitting on the parcel shelf of the car. She lived to the ripe old age of twenty one.
Winston Winston of the many toes (six extra) was a feral cat who had been living in the woods. He was enticed into the household by the builders' sandwiches and became a very special house cat.
Max & Moritz The unfortunate victims of living too close to a busy road.
Jeremy An enormous cat who loved people but terrorized other cats or dogs.
The Italian Cats My first cats, Romeo and Julius, rescued in Italy and taken to Germany. Julius loved everybody and Romeo only his own two people. Romeo tollerated no nonsense from anything on two legs or four, and could always be relied upon to defend his brother.